The Sun Circle Swampscott, MA.

The Basics

In Beach Bluff Park in Swampscott, MA, approximately 12 miles north of Boston is an astronomical sculpture, ‘Sun Circle’ by Bruce Greenwald.  A ring of 8-foot stone columns cast their shadows on a 4-foot granite compass that lies in the center of the ring. The Stonehenge culture of sun-worshiping is recreated in the park 4 times a year, at each solstice and equinox sunrise, with ceremonies to remind us of the majesty of nature and to honor Her.

The Beauty

Resting in a pocket park close to the main passing road, ‘Sun Circle’ can present unique challenges when shooting it. It’s best at sunrise, for symbolic reasons, but also because you stand a better chance of keeping passers-by out of your frames. The challenge of getting some distance without losing sight of the thing itself is one of the aspects that forces photographers to work past their unconscious, initial compositional instincts--fun!