Black Joe Pond, Marblehead, MA.

The Basics 


Joe “Black Joe” Brown was a slave, a freeman, a Revolutionary War soldier, and ultimately, with his wife Lucretia “Aunt ‘Crese” the owner and operator of a tavern, now preserved for posterity, on Gingerbread Hill near the millpond which still bears his name in Marblehead, MA. During the day the tavern did a brisk business with parents and children mostly due to the “Froggers,” Lucretia’s gingerbread and molasses cookies.  But the nights were another story. Historian Joseph Robinson writes, “a more uncouth assemblage of ruffians could not be found anywhere." 


The Beauty 


Preserved for posterity and beautifully maintained, the 1691 structure stands near the gorgeous mill pond that has officially named “Black Joe Pond” by the officials of Marblehead. Bring your camera!