Redd's Pond, Marblehead, MA.

The Basics

Redd’s Pond is at the foot of Old Burial Hill in Marblehead MA.  Abutting it is the former home of Samuel Redd, a local fisherman in the 1600s and his, lore has it, cantankerous and none-too-popular-with-the-women-folk wife, Wilmot. In 1692 Wilmot paid the ultimate price for her disposition when several local women with axes to grind accused Wilmot of witchcraft. She was tried and sentenced to death by John Hawthorne, a then prominent and ruthless judge. Wilmot proclaimed her innocence until the day she was hanged in 1692.

The Beauty

In contrast to the grim back-story, the lovingly maintained homestead is a jewel of New England and a photographic destination. Many a photographer wait to catch a day when the pond is glass-still (I am still waiting for such a magic day) and the reflections in the pond are spectacular. Rain or shine, the location is a beauty, and don’t miss the marker commemorating poor Wilmot Redd.